Murray Ross Apartments


500 Murray Ross Pkwy, North York, ON M3J 2Z3, Canada

North York, ON M3J

(416) 667-8926


Inquiry & Reviews of Murray Ross Apartments

Subah Khan Murray Ross Apartments

Having stayed in this building for seven years, I can attest to the roach infestation - though it has gotten better, I still see them. Residents here are irresponsible and inconsiderate by leaving the elevators dirty, contributing to the problem. Do not make the mistake of moving in here.

hasnat irfan Murray Ross Apartments

The office is not concerned with the well-being of their tenants. All they want is money. I resided there for two years and during most of that time the residence was overrun with cockroaches. The management did nothing to help the situation and when I chose to leave they demanded two months payments even though it was hazardous to stay there. To avoid any issues, do not rent an apartment from this place.

Janeese Cameron Murray Ross Apartments

I highly suggest relocating here! My family has been living at 500 Murray Ross Parkway for 5+ years and we just adore it! You can get a breathtaking view of the ravine from North York, plus the subway is very close. As a woman, I feel safe day or night due to surveillance cameras and using tags instead of keys for entry. The gym opens up at 5:30am; not an easy task! All my packages are left right outside my doorstep untouched. Maintenance requests are handled through an easy-to-use portal. Because I've been working from home during this pandemic, I'm able to observe how efficiently everything runs - like clockwork! They even organized door-to-door vaccination clinics for residents. And you'll see cleaners in the morning that say hi when they pass by. The management office is incredibly understanding; they attentively listen and provide practical solutions with compassion, which isn't always easy to come by these days. On top of that, the third parties Capreit brings in are professional and courteous - another sign of their high standards for residents, employees and partners alike! Hope to see you around soon!


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