Sterling Karamar - Empress Gate


500 Proudfoot Ln, London, ON N6H 5G7, Canada

London, ON N6H

(226) 781-7562


Inquiry & Reviews of Sterling Karamar - Empress Gate

Lorraine Bafutwabo Sterling Karamar - Empress Gate

The staff at this location is extremely professional, friendly, and responsive. I have been living here for a year and have had no issues whatsoever. The neighborhood is great and the property itself is always kept in excellent condition. The two bedroom apartment's layout is perfect; it's spacious yet efficient. My only wish would be that visitor parking was complimentary.

Jason 519 Sterling Karamar - Empress Gate

***AVOID AT ALL COSTS***- Inadequate leadership (Ellen & Chris)- Roaches- Ants- Unclean premises- Refrain from renting apartments near the rubbish chamber, as you'll be kept awake all night due to the vibrations and clamor stemming from the trash compactor (which usually breaks down), metal garbage area door, and trolleys moving in and out of the room at odd times.- Unfairly expensive, charging tenants for services such as; water, heating, and visitor parking.


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Nick F


Before I even begin my review have a look at all the five star reviews from suspicious accounts which all say the same thing great for school and work accessible gym super convenient well furnished quiet These reviews were made by the company in order to make it appear as 4 stars Im calling them out Nobody creates Google accounts without profile pictures and
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