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565 Talbot St, London, ON N6A 2T1, Canada

London, ON N6A

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Inquiry & Reviews of Hazelview Properties

Brian C Hazelview Properties

The current cockroach infestation is not being managed well. Traps were placed outside all the units on our floor, but we weren't informed at all; not even a note. We had spotted some bugs in our unit and only found out about the infestation from a tenant who was moving out due to this issue. Even one of their most dependable maintenance workers left. Water has been shut off multiple times, often with minimal warning and for long hours. Dates on the notices were routinely off-target. In truth, during the last seven months there have been six or seven days when water was shut off with no explanation given why. This property is among the worst I have encountered; there is no enforcement of strangers parking in our lot, we had to get a parking pass from their office even during a pandemic - please do not reply asking us to contact you with some brief sorry statement as it's just embarrassing! How about actually providing accurate dates on notices and giving us an explanation for why water gets cut off so frequently? Judging by other reviews, if you're aiming to look after your tenants here then you are deficient in quality and failing miserably at it.

Farzin Habib Pour Hazelview Properties

If you're looking for a place to rent, I'd highly advise against using this company or any of their managed properties. They have terrible organizational and communication skills. From day one it was a living nightmare. We had initially signed the lease for another unit, but they made us switch because of construction delays elsewhere; problems with cockroaches were already evident in our new unit and they appear to be rampant throughout the floor. Maintenance is severely understaffed - just one person servicing five buildings - so you can forget about working from home with all the construction going on without proper notification. Parking is also chaotic due to poor organization; they don't seem to know who has what spot! Save yourself a headache and remember: you get what you pay for.


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