300 Assiniboine


300 Assiniboine Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3C 0T1, Canada

Winnipeg, MB R3C

(204) 691-9668


Inquiry & Reviews of 300 Assiniboine

Julie Pelletier 300 Assiniboine

This terrible location only lasted one year for me due to the luxury building being poorly constructed and managed. The entry door had gaps so wide that dirt, snow, and ice blew in unless I filled the cracks with paper, rugs, and blankets. This made it extremely difficult to concentrate while working from home or having Zoom meetings due to the wind whistling sound. In addition, I needed a space heater to keep temperatures bearable but my Hydro bills were still too high. The appliances were not of high quality which was evident when my dishwasher was replaced soon after moving in. Moreover, leaks above my unit caused water damage in the utility room which necessitated a hole being cut into the ceiling. Finally, even the attached parking structure required repairs.


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