Things To Know For Applying For Section 8 In Los Angeles – Waiting List, Eligibility, And Timeline

The section 8 housing program is for people who find it hard to find accommodation due to a variety of problems. The program helps those who are – unemployed, have low income, old, are single parents, and have been rehabilitated. The government sanctions them with section 8 vouchers, and they get accommodation for their stay. As per the program, the government pays upto 70% of the monthly rent.

The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles, or HACLA, also has the same program running, and that is the point of discussion in this article.

Section 8 housing – waiting list application

The city of Los Angeles suffers a lot from the homelessness problem; hence the authority has addressed the issue by sanctioning section 8 housings. Furthermore, the government has pledged to provide accommodation with the help of more funding, innovative solutions, and programs. That is why they have opened the section 8 waiting list.

The people interested can apply for vouchers through the website 24 hrs a day, all days a week, till the last date. They can do so using a computer with internet access, a smartphone, and any other mobile device with the internet. The authority will not hand out or receive applications in hand via email, fax, or mail at any HACLA office.


The government of Los Angeles has opened the section 8 waiting list for the first time in five years, and the application portal started on October 17. The application procedure will run for two weeks, including Sundays and holidays. The last time they opened the program was in 2017, with over 188,000 applications for a little over 20,000 vouchers. The government already funds about two million tenants.


Firstly, all the applicants must complete the filling process within two weeks, so the public libraries will be open with available computers and assorted infrastructure to help all the people out. An assisting preference will be provided to those who live or work in the city, is a veteran, or have a veteran family member without dishonorable discharge. After that, the applications will go through computerized randomization, and the selected ones will add to the section 8 waiting list. The computerized lottery system can add upto 30,000 names to the list. As people get on to the waiting list and are eligible for housing vouchers, the authority will call them for interviews, and the final rounds will take place only then before handing out the vouchers.

The goal is to provide affordable houses to people who are struggling and finding it hard to get a decent living space. As the homelessness index is soaring in the city of Los Angeles, re-opening the section 8 housing program will help about 30,000 new people. The government website has a step-by-step video process on how to apply, eligibility, and FAQs. Moreover, the applicants can always call on the numbers provided by HACLA during the application period. The call timings are from 7 am to 6 pm every day. In addition, applicants who want to change their info can mail the concerned info to the Los Angeles County Development Authority.

Section 8 Contract Public Records

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