212 Davis Apartments


212 Davis Dr, Newmarket, ON L3Y 0C2, Canada

Newmarket, ON L3Y

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Inquiry & Reviews of 212 Davis Apartments

Faizaan Jessani 212 Davis Apartments

We are currently living in this apartment building, which has recently seen a break-in that cost us $5000 worth of valuables. I would like to express my dissatisfaction with the poor state of this residence. What we pay for monthly is not at all worth it; if I could give less than one star, I would. The apartments have inadequate ventilation and only two windows that open about seven inches wide; in summertime there is a fly problem both dead and alive in the stairwell. Furthermore, the other tenants are extremely nosy, resulting in an uncomfortable living situation. The outdoor parking provided by the building is terrible - don't be fooled by claims of underground parking - and during winter time it's especially difficult to find a spot as snow plowing isn't being done when spots become vacant as expected. Also, rent continues to increase beyond national inflation rates without any improvement in services provided or timely repairs despite promises made otherwise; notice may be given for any disruptions but resolution never follows through. This message comes from an unhappy current resident...

Elysse Leffell 212 Davis Apartments

It's not the place to be; someone shot themselves and committed suicide two days ago, another person jumped off their balcony a few months back, and there are drug dealers tossing things outside. When I questioned management about the lack of cable outlets in my one bedroom plus den unit (it should have had two outlets), they were unhelpful and rude. After almost a month of Rogers running a new wire, overheating continues to be an issue with poor ventilation that leads to nosebleeds. Prices are too high considering residents still have to pay for parking and hydro themselves - downtown Toronto has more upscale apartments for cheaper prices that include everything. Furthermore, visitors parking spots were taken away without any reduction in rent for residents; there is a pet-friendly atmosphere but no one picks up after their dogs so prepare for 'poo shoes'. The playroom and theatre room sound promising but the pool table is warped beyond repair and the theatre room remains closed - what exactly are we paying for? To avoid feeling ripped off it's best to look elsewhere; Bradford offers four bedroom houses between 1600-1800! Lastly, drug users lurk around surrounding apartment buildings & homes which makes it feel very unsafe. Do yo more ...

Ev 212 Davis Apartments

The "luxury" label of this rental unit is questionable, as it's only redeeming quality is its high price. The unit appears clean and has a washer and dryer, but air circulation is non-existent; the temperature can reach up to 28 degrees in the summer and 26 in the winter. Management constantly sends notices requesting entry into our unit, even going as far as fabricating noise complaints. Additionally, shortly after moving in one of the superintendents lost their master key; subsequently several storage lockers were broken into. We have also had occasions where they have come to our door with keys claiming there was a noise complaint despite nobody being home at the time. Moreover, during summer months there is an abundance of birds that leave droppings all over cars present in the parking lot - management seemingly not caring at all about this issue. Furthermore, they are known to gossip about tenants to other tenants; we were even told by another resident that he heard we were leaving soon before our original lease expired! There are many subsidized housing units here causing various sketchy people lurking around in this supposed "luxury living".


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