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Inquiry & Reviews of Circa1877

Joe Hunt Circa1877

Living in these apartments is a great value, but the property manager is known for issuing $20 tickets to vehicles parked in visitor spots. He once even approached me to say that I had no right to park there if I was visiting my girlfriend. Unfortunately, there have been five cases of theft from cars with broken windows over the past year, which he has done nothing about. As if this weren't bad enough, he parks his motorcycle illegally on the sidewalk in front of his office! If it's good enough for him...I know now exactly where I'll be parking my motorcycle. He can have his silly visitor parking; I'm following his lead and just parking on the walkway Ÿ˜†


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Kalvin K


Cant say enough bad things about how horrible this property management company is They have left the building at 21 Columbia Street West in deplorable conditions No lights at night in parking garage or in parking lot Extremely dangerous at night especially for girls as there are always sketchy people hanging out in this parking lot asking for money or cigare
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Proscan S


Do NOT rent apartment from Sage 6 I only lived here for 15 days and there were already 3 rental viewing If youd like random people come to your room frequently then sage 6 might be a good choice for younOther than that they don't have shower curtain you have to go to parking lot to dump trash the lobby and elevator are always dirty and you would never be abl
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