720 Princess Street Studios


720 Princess St, Kingston, ON K7L 1G2, Canada

Kingston, ON K7L

(613) 484-5687


Inquiry & Reviews of 720 Princess Street Studios

Charles Lane 720 Princess Street Studios

I had a great experience living in these clean and modern apartments. The neighbors were friendly and the landlord was easy to communicate with. The building managers were also very helpful. The location was convenient and I'm overall very satisfied with my experience here.

Joelle Lavoie 720 Princess Street Studios

Staying in this new part of the building for a year, myself and my two roommates found both positives and negatives. Reid was great to work with and very helpful. Surveillance cameras outside as well as by the doors were beneficial, keys were needed for entry, and there was a nice rooftop patio during summer. We could rent A/C units for an additional price, furnishing options were available, but we encountered unfinished tasks such as exposed wires where plug in should have been, plug in that did not work all year despite requests for it to be fixed, furnace filter never changed despite asking multiple times and submitting a work order on their site. In suite laundry was advertised but closet was too small to fit even an apartment size machine so we had to resort to having a portable one instead. During winter floors felt cold due to unevenness throughout the apartment. Roaches have been spotted on multiple occasions with one rat also seen inside the building at some point; parking space being small caused worry of car being dinged; getting rent receipts difficult; key deposit not returned after move-out (also requested several times); communication here lacking overall - this is definitely not luxury living!


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The thermostat being down for longer than it was running meant that I had to spend the summer with a friend in Toronto The apartment managers apparently think Im willing to pay 2000 for an ACless 1 bedroom 1 bath in Kingston which is just ridiculous as the thermostat is a free service and they can turn it off whenever they please In the four months of me liv
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Byron Mitchell


The architecture of Princess Towers perplexes many but there is an explanation Dating back to the 1960s its Brutalist style emphasizes functionality instead of aesthetics Although not as impressive as Habitat 67 it has a few interesting features for instance my flat extends along the entire building and has two levels with north and south windows as well as
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Ali Khazaeli


My experience living at An Clachan has been a nightmare Im in Building 7 and when I initially moved in everything was unclean and the fridge was not even in the kitchen To make matters worse they were rude to me and did not provide any compensation for all the trouble The rental wasnt even up to health or maintenance standards which is a violation of our agr
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