Pineridge Place - 744 Proudfoot Lane


744 Proudfoot Ln #740, London, ON N6H 5H2, Canada

London, ON N6H

(519) 914-2761


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Raj Bholiya Pineridge Place - 744 Proudfoot Lane

Summit Properties is the ideal abode in London, Ontario; it's like a home away from home. The apartments are roomy and tranquil, with a remarkable view from the windows and security measures that are second to none. Not only that, but their management team is superb and extremely accommodating; they answer phone calls promptly, reply to emails quickly, and have reasonable rates for their spacious condos. It's truly a pleasure to stay in such an excellent property with exceptional administration. Without a doubt, this is the best place to be!


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Farzin Habib Pour


If youre looking for a place to rent Id highly advise against using this company or any of their managed properties They have terrible organizational and communication skills From day one it was a living nightmare We had initially signed the lease for another unit but they made us switch because of construction delays elsewhere problems with cockroaches were
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