Wentworth Arms

525 Wentworth Ave, Ottawa, ON K2B 8E5, Canada

Ottawa, ON K2B

(613) 820-2310


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Saville Apartments

(613) 725 - 2720

2090 Neepawa Ave, Ottawa, ON K2A 3L4, Canada

Monday : 8:30 am ~ 5:00 pm

Tuesday : 8:30 am ~ 5:00 pm

Wednesday : 8:30 am ~ 5:00 pm

Thursday : 8:30 am ~ 5:00 pm

Friday : 8:30 am ~ 5:00 pm

Saturday : 8:00 am ~ 8:00 am

Sunday : 8:00 am ~ 8:00 am

Jennifer Nielsen


Ive been living at the Saville Apartments for five years and its been an awful experience There is extensive water damage to at least one of the buildings plus mold in multiple units Many residents have had health issues due to the poor air quality and it takes forever to get work done I recently attempted to get someone in to repair a waterdamaged wall but
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60 Daly Avenue - Canadiana Apartment Rentals

(613) 301 - 2057

60 Daly Ave, Ottawa, ON K1N 6E5, Canada



I had a oneyear lease for this place beginning in June 2020 and ending in July 2021 Unfortunately by the end of my stay mice and cockroaches had become common in the building The management was decent and pest control was called but getting rid of these pests is no easy feat Additionally the kitchen was poorly constructed which led to them being present in t
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330 McLeod

(613) 244 - 1551

330 McLeod St, Ottawa, ON K2P 2C5, Canada

Cody Robson


This is a living space I would not want even my worst enemy to experience The building has an abundance of fruit flies because the rental company wont spend money on window screens Maintenance staff try their best but the shared kitchen remains repulsive due to the lack of new sponges provided each year In addition the walls are very thin and one can easily
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Sonder The O'Connor

(438) 795 - 6650

377 R. O'Connor St, Ottawa, ON K2P 2M2, Canada