Surrey Lane Apartments


685 Surrey Ln, Burlington, ON L7T 3Z2, Canada

Burlington, ON L7T

(905) 639-0456


Inquiry & Reviews of Surrey Lane Apartments

Alejandro Michael Surrey Lane Apartments

My time living there was overall decent. While many had mixed reviews, I personally only encountered one issue--the price was too high for me. There were no bugs or pests in my unit, the neighbours weren't noisy and the appliances were adequate. Sadly, I had to leave due to expenses rising; management was very responsive when I asked them something though. It's too bad it didn't work out; costs continue going up.

BTS A.R.M.Y Surrey Lane Apartments

Living here for a year was nothing to get excited about. The heat wouldn't work when winter came, thus causing the windows to grow black mold. When you requested maintenance, they rarely responded. The elevator, which had been replaced in 2020, was still broken often. Even if your home stayed clean, cockroaches were still an issue. Nighttime door slamming was frequent as well. They claimed there wasn't enough parking when really there were plenty of empty spots available. Also, the water would be randomly shut off and remain ice cold until the following day so you couldn't even do dishes or shower! All in all, I would strongly suggest opting out of living here unless you have no other option.


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