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634 Parkland Dr, Halifax, NS B3S 1N3, Canada

Halifax, NS B3S

(902) 703-7384


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Zhengyu Qu Hazelview Properties

This apartment is not suitable to live in due to its location. It is located in front of a street and behind a high speed road, making it very noisy. Additionally, soundproofing between floors is inadequate; even the slightest movement upstairs can be heard downstairs. There are mice in the building; this can be confirmed by looking for mouse droppings near the stove's edge. Furthermore, there is a marijuana den nearby which one can smell from the parking lot, underground garage and corridors at back. I even saw two people smoking with specific utensils through the window of their room! To make matters worse, air conditioning cannot be used during summer as it is prohibited here — meaning you will not get your deposit back since they deduct money for various reasons. Therefore it would be unwise to stay here because of its cheap price; you would lose both your health and money if you did so! I am merely deleting comments that other people post out of fear of exposing serious issues inside this apartment; my own comments are all true!


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