964 Smyth Rd, Ottawa, ON K1G 1P6, Canada

Ottawa, ON K1G

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Inquiry & Reviews of Luma

No Name Luma

I have been with Killam Properties for a while, yet this rental property in Ottawa has been the worst experience out of them all. Not only is the building's quality really poor, but there are roaches and even rats running around! Last month my room door was having issues with the fob not working, so I contacted management. The response was terrible and Ryan acted like he was doing me a favor.

Spencer Daigle Luma

I'm living quite contentedly in Luma. After being here for a month, I'm pleased with my unit, the building and the way I've been treated by the staff. Ryan, the Building Manager, should be commended for his hard work. He quickly remedied an issue in my unit with no fuss. His efforts are invaluable to keeping the building running smoothly. As a newcomer to this province, it's great having such a pleasant place to call home and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for modern housing with top-notch amenities and friendly people!


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