Fraserview Court Apartments


10139 137A St, Surrey, BC V3T 4J5, Canada

Surrey, BC V3T

(604) 588-4664


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This used to be a wonderful place to live. The prior management was outstanding; they constantly kept up with the building's upkeep, such as repainting and pressure washing it and regularly cleaning. Maintenance was always taken care of all around. The grounds were tidy and neatly landscaped. Sadly, Rize Alliance Properties bought it for redevelopment, bringing many problems along with it: pests like roaches and mice appear throughout the building, garbage is everywhere - even inside - cleaning is seldom done, the building is deteriorating due to cracks coming out of its walls; the parking lot has been left in disarray. Security has been eliminated, so now dangerous people roam freely day and night; people sleep in the laundry room that should be locked up too. Our units are not being maintained anymore either; no pest control or minimal maintenance overall happens here anymore. I have lived here for 15 years but am finally making my way out - thank goodness! It makes me sad though because I still care about this place; whenever I see trash I pick it up. Maintenance staff does their best but is asked to perform less work than necessary according to tenancy agreement which Rize Alliance Properties breaks constantly - something need more ...


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