The Line


13639 George Jct, Surrey, BC V3T 0R1, Canada

Surrey, BC V3T

(604) 868-0545


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I E The Line

Having resided here a couple of months, I can embrace the marvelous amenities, appliances and rooftop patio the building offers. Nevertheless, it's located near the conclusion of the Expo Line with its loud screeching and banging noise coming from skytrain running almost daily from 5AM to midnight. Additionally, Holland Park is nearby where many music festivals are hosted during summer; thus leaving one exposed to loud music plus bass frequencies that can make you queasy. The leasing process failed to disclose any of this information. It also advertises air cooling for summer but my unit had problems with its HVAC system which caused me to experience no cooling at all for most of this summer period. Management has tried addressing it yet no resolution yet. When I phoned their emergency line on a Friday night about my room temperature going over 30C due to HVAC breakdown after multiple repair attempts - their response was “it would only be an emergency if it was the heating that stopped working, but since it's a cooling issue, it's just an inconvenience for you and 30 degrees is not that hot” Unluckily if noise and heat bother you – then this isn't the place for you!

Pauline H The Line

The building is in a great spot near Save-On-Foods and transit, but the downside is that the skytrain noise runs from 5am to 1am. The balcony door and windows are drafty, and there's air coming in through the gap between floor and wall. Weatherstripping was necessary. The lobby doors, garage doors, and elevators tend to randomly stop working; while the gym has good equipment, wifi connectivity is weak. Management seems mismanaged: people have made appointments to tour apartments yet no one answers when they buzz leasing office; also, front desk employee is hard to reach. A package was delivered--tracking said it went to front desk--but after trying multiple times during work hours (and texting staff member), couldn't find him until three days later! Mail service wasn't set up until end of April even though staff said it'd be ready by end of February (they forgot about opening mailroom for Canada Post). Packages aren't put in parcel lockers as promised; been left on floor or hallway instead. Lease restrictions are numerous: no mounting TVs on walls or anchoring furniture for safety; no lights/deck flooring/veggies/planter boxes allowed on patio; no mats outside door either! Advertising pet friendly but only one dog allowed with siz more ...


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Roc Comment


The Good and The Bad Its expensive to buy or rent a bit too high Heating is not comfortable its often too hot and when its cold temps dip into the negatives There are reviews about this issue in the attached hotel Most suites don't include gympool access you have to pay a lot around 80100month Pets are allowed but can cause messes like urine in elevators App
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This used to be a wonderful place to live The prior management was outstanding they constantly kept up with the buildings upkeep such as repainting and pressure washing it and regularly cleaning Maintenance was always taken care of all around The grounds were tidy and neatly landscaped Sadly Rize Alliance Properties bought it for redevelopment bringing many
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