3 Civic Plaza


13495 Central Ave, Surrey, BC V3T 0K2, Canada

Surrey, BC V3T

(778) 467-9169


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Diana J. 3 Civic Plaza

Living in this building is overall enjoyable, but the property management team (Barbarican) leaves much to be desired. Cleanliness is subpar; the elevators and corridors are rarely cleaned/vacuumed, which is understandable since there's only one person responsible for a fifty-two floor building. Compared to other condominiums I've lived in, they were cleaned daily with weekend vacuuming as well. Additionally, contractors can come into units without warning any time they please. In October residents were informed that some windows at the top floors would need replacing; it's now mid-December and ropes still hang in front of my window, which bang against it when windy and disrupt sleep. To top it off, Barbarican requests access to units way too often - no privacy whatsoever - making it quite irritating.

Roc Comment 3 Civic Plaza

The Good and The Bad: - It's expensive to buy or rent, a bit too high. - Heating is not comfortable: it's often too hot and when it's cold, temps dip into the negatives. There are reviews about this issue in the attached hotel. - Most suites don't include gym/pool access; you have to pay a lot (around $80-100/month). - Pets are allowed but can cause messes like urine in elevators. - Appliances are average stainless steel but flooring is pretty bad according to some owners' complaints. - Suites are small for the prices asked; towers going up around might block any views you bought for. - No visitor parking and there are 5 levels so if you're lower down, your life will be spent driving in and out of the building constantly! - Neighbourhood is sketchy but police presence helps make it feel safe. The Good: - Security from hotel presence makes up for sketchiness of neighbourhood . Manager is nice as well . - New building (2018). - Great cabinetry and built in wardrobe . - Bathrooms nice (but shower/tub combo may be wasteful space for one bedrooms) . - In suite laundry included . - Close to Skytrain , mall , library , groceries etc..


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This used to be a wonderful place to live The prior management was outstanding they constantly kept up with the buildings upkeep such as repainting and pressure washing it and regularly cleaning Maintenance was always taken care of all around The grounds were tidy and neatly landscaped Sadly Rize Alliance Properties bought it for redevelopment bringing many
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