TVM Amherstview Apartments II


1 Murray Pl, Amherstview, ON K7N 1P6, Canada

Amherstview, ON K7N

(800) 368-9242


Inquiry & Reviews of TVM Amherstview Apartments II

Matt Duprau TVM Amherstview Apartments II

My wife and I have resided in the same building for three years, both of us being nurses. The current state of the housing market has made buying a house at an overpriced rate unappealing to us. Notwithstanding, this place is in horrendous condition with daily leaks, falling ceiling tiles and even mold in our basement; all while rent is being increased annually without any repairs. Fortunately we have found a private sale on a home that we shall be moving into by spring. Although the residents are mainly people with lower incomes, our neighbors are amazing people!

Nicole Dafoe TVM Amherstview Apartments II

We have been living in this building for three to four years, with the only good thing about it being the neighbors. Two years ago, we asked for holes in our ceiling to be fixed but it still hasn't happened. A third of the top of our bathroom door is missing, and our bedroom door won't fully close unless something is propping it up. There are also cracks all through some of the kitchen tiles. But what really makes things worse is summertime - with just an air conditioner, two TVs and a computer running, the breaker trips almost every 15 minutes, meaning that our apartment gets unbearably hot as one bedroom has its own separate outlet while everything else is on one. We can't wait to get out of here and find landlords who actually care about their tenants!


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