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2383 Palm St, Ottawa, ON K1H 8J9, Canada

Ottawa, ON K1H

(613) 737-4331


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The Millionaire Landlord had posted a sign during the pandemic requiring tenants to apply for government aid if unable to pay rent due to lockdowns. He even threatened eviction on one tenant because of a loud car entering the garage. The appliances in many units are outdated and have not been swapped for decades. Additionally, an extra $75 is required for running air conditioning during the summer season. The superintendent is friendly and helpful, but his wife acts as if she's a security guard; she has yelled at tenants several times concerning matters that aren't strictly enforced in the lease. There is also inconsistency between what management allows versus what tenants are allowed; one instance being that a tenant was scolded for attempting to clean ice off their car in winter when this activity wasn't prohibited, meanwhile the super would regularly wash his vehicle with soap and water monthly in the parking garage. Furthermore, there are limited parking spots with numerous landlord-owned cars occupying spaces that could be utilized by renters. All things considered, this isn't ideal lodging for those desiring autonomy from management - it's best to avoid this place altogether and find somewhere else free of these people-rela more ...


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