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samantha nemiroff Riverbank Apartments - Paramount Properties

When I moved in last month, the apartment was disgustingly filthy. The property manager denied this and stormed out during the inspection. It took calling upper management to get them to clean it, but it was still dirty after their efforts. I'll have to hire professionals to remove all of the grease stains, food stuck on surfaces, dirt in the kitchen, and black dirt on ceilings as well as mold in the bathroom. Now there's a new property manager here and recently pipes froze and burst flooding two rooms and hallways with an inch of water within minutes. Make sure your windows are always shut during winter! When they opened up heaters after flood they were filled with a thick layer of dirt which was absolutely disgusting - ask them to clean them right away when you move in or else they won't do it later! Additionally, there's a terrible smell coming from the garbage closet where chute is located; you have to hold your breath when entering! Fortunately I haven't seen any bugs so far but the view outside could be better if only they would clean outerwindows which are very dirty indeed.

Mitch Collier Riverbank Apartments - Paramount Properties

I've been living here for the last year and have always had a great experience with management. Any problems in my apartment were quickly repaired. Initially, my bathroom had numerous issues, but the staff fixed everything from leaky faucets to replacing the sink bowl and retiling the shower. However, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, it has recently become difficult to get in touch with them; though now you can talk to them through a glass window while keeping everyone safe (with both parties wearing masks) and they are still extremely helpful with anything you need. As far as reviews regarding smoking tenants go, if you contact management they will issue a notice concerning smoking outside since that is what's written in the lease if it bothers other tenants. I haven't faced this problem myself yet but I often smell amazing food coming from my neighbor's unit (can't really complain about that). In addition, rent is affordable here, there's an awesome view outside of my floor plus there are several bus stops and malls nearby for food and travel purposes. The building's location is also great! Ultimately, any apartment can look nice if one takes care of their living space (showing some photos of just my bedroom, bathroom & view).


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