Waterford Apartments


1241 Kilborn Pl, Ottawa, ON K1H 1A5, Canada

Ottawa, ON K1H

(833) 899-9914


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ThisDream Waterford Apartments

The location of where I live is great, and the view of the river from my top-floor apartment is beautiful! Billings Bridge shopping mall is one of my favorite places to go. Being so close to the train tracks has always been a plus for me. The staff take great care when it comes to cleaning and making sure that everything works properly (shout out to Martha, Kenny, and O.C.). Unfortunately there isn't a rear entrance with an elevator which makes it difficult for tenants who are trying to move their items in and out. Fire alarms have been decreasing recently but at one time they were going off too often. The apartments I've seen have been finished nicely; the corridors have had new carpeting, wall coverings, fresh paint on the doors and such put in recently. Although, I must say that windows are terrible - hard to open/close, almost impossible to clean properly, and they tend to get all foggy during winter; an upgrade would be greatly appreciated!


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Do not rent at this location its awful They try to pass off their apartments as luxury but the price doesnt match up with what youre getting and there are no amenities The laundry room is terrible and parking is scarce theres only one visitor space and even if you stop for a few minutes to drop off groceries youll be ticketed It seems like some visitors neve
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