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6190 Jubilee Rd, Halifax, NS B3H 2G1, Canada

Halifax, NS B3H

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JJ Podborski Peppermint Properties

I used to be content, but leaving modified my viewpoint totally. I left the place clean, passed the inspection and obtained above half of my damage deposit back. The only reason being I had to use a blocked number to call them since they wouldn't answer my calls. Then Louis (almost akin to Oscar the grouch) blamed me for supposedly missing out on a month's rent which was not true. They offer $100 off on first month's rent upon early renewal which is not in accordance with what tenant board orders that one should be allowed to go month-to-month after first year if they don't sign early. For second year, while looking for new housing, I waited until last moment as it is within my rights due to undue pressure imposed by landlord on renewing contract earlier; fortunately found another place soon enough but Louis Wolfson is truly unprincipled person whose conduct towards end comes under harassment category; he even tried entering when my girlfriend was taking shower (to an extent that I almost called police & tenant board). To sum up, could not be more pleased with exiting from their too expensive apartment in 2759 windsor street where even slight sound can get you noise complaint . If it were possible , would have given 0 stars rating more ...


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Zhengyu Qu


This apartment is not suitable to live in due to its location It is located in front of a street and behind a high speed road making it very noisy Additionally soundproofing between floors is inadequate even the slightest movement upstairs can be heard downstairs There are mice in the building this can be confirmed by looking for mouse droppings near the sto
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