Bayers Park Apartments 1


6969 Bayers Rd, Halifax, NS B3L 4P3, Canada

Halifax, NS B3L

(902) 830-1852


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dave webster Bayers Park Apartments 1

I resided in this building for two years. It is an antiquated establishment with awful administration. The majority of the time, the communal areas and elevators were unclean. Recently, they have raised the rent for all new tenants by $300 which is outrageous! If you are to pay more than $1000 for a single bedroom unit or over $1150 for a two-bedroom apartment, you are squandering your funds. There are numerous preferable choices in Halifax at similar prices.

Sarah Moore Bayers Park Apartments 1

It is not recommended to move here; the building has a bad odor in the lobby and there is often litter on the grounds. I have personally seen used tampon applicators in the elevator three times recently. Pest control will come to spray your unit for bedbugs without warning, and hot water can be shut off without notice, making it difficult to shower for work. There is only one laundry room for the entire building, so it can be hard to get access to machines that are constantly breaking down. Additionally, during winter months it can be hard to keep warm due to heaters being located beneath drafty windows and doors which do not allow heat flow throughout the space.


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