Glenforest Apartments

11 Plateau Crescent #7, Halifax, NS B3M 2V7, Canada

Halifax, NS B3M

(833) 814-1350


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Anchor Group (Atlantic) Limited

(902) 477 - 7900

3 Anchor Dr, Halifax, NS B3N 3H7, Canada


(902) 449 - 7211

5661 Victoria Rd, Halifax, NS B3H 1M9, Canada

Hazelview Properties

(902) 703 - 7384

634 Parkland Dr, Halifax, NS B3S 1N3, Canada

Zhengyu Qu


This apartment is not suitable to live in due to its location It is located in front of a street and behind a high speed road making it very noisy Additionally soundproofing between floors is inadequate even the slightest movement upstairs can be heard downstairs There are mice in the building this can be confirmed by looking for mouse droppings near the sto
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Hazelview Properties

(902) 703 - 7400

76 Fairfax Dr, Halifax, NS B3S 1M8, Canada

Brandon Wamboldt


The apartment was great with a dishwasher fridge and washerdryer in each unit The kitchen living room and bedrooms were all large additionally the bedroom closets were quite spacious Parking could be found both outside and underground the latter being pricier Unfortunately though the landlords left something to be desired I had a leak in my ceiling that took
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