Hazelview Properties


15 Bently Dr, Halifax, NS B3S 0G2, Canada

Halifax, NS B3S

(902) 703-7329


Inquiry & Reviews of Hazelview Properties

Danielle Hazelview Properties

I've been living here for a couple of years and, despite the bad reviews, I think it's really great! Everyone in the building is so friendly and it's a perfect spot for families with pets. The units are well-made; sound only travels from the main doorway into the hall, but that's to be expected. Additionally, rent is affordable for what you get and parking/storage are included. The cleaner does an amazing job of keeping everything clean and dog owners even pick up after their pets! My only two gripes would be that one elevator often breaks down (but there's another one that works quickly) and there have been many resident managers changing over the last two years - though they all have been nice. All in all, I highly recommend this building!


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Ian Taylor


Just moved in to a brand new building Resident Managers are friendly and extremely helpful Move in was smooth and well organized Too bad it takes forever to unpackUpdate after Two yearsan ongoing concern with heating air conditioning weve just given up This is a beautiful complex and without better attention to detail it could easily become rundown very quic
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