Vista Pointe - Broadstreet Properties Ltd.


404 McConachie Way NW, Edmonton, AB T5Y 0S6, Canada

Edmonton, AB T5Y

(866) 736-8515


Inquiry & Reviews of Vista Pointe - Broadstreet Properties Ltd.

Helene Durand Vista Pointe - Broadstreet Properties Ltd.

I've been a resident of Vista Point for two years and have found Susan, the manager, to be very helpful and competent. The building is kept in excellent condition due to the efforts of the staff. Whenever there's an issue in my apartment, it's taken care of quickly. It's fortunate that your company has such hard-working and amiable employees who do so much to make Vista Point an attractive place to live.

Matthew Hung Vista Pointe - Broadstreet Properties Ltd.

I had to move out of my original residence due to a change in living conditions and so contacted Susan for a unit. She quickly provided me with the necessary paperwork which was uncomplicated and I was able to sign the lease electronically without any difficulties. Upon moving in, I noticed that the building itself was well taken care of with frequent cleanings on every other day. The janitorial staff were always courteous and friendly. Although my unit faced the main road, noise levels were not unbearable as long as I kept my windows closed. My neighbours were respectful too so there was no need to make any complaints regarding excessive sound levels. The climate control systems worked perfectly fine also - warm during winter and cool during summertime. The location of Vista Pointe made it very convenient for me since essential stores like No Frills were just across the street while other grocery stores could be found slightly further away down the block. Delivery services such as Amazon, Doordash/Skip The Dishes etc., ran smoothly here too and packages arrived safely at their designated parcel box given its secure position in front of the main foyer area; however, some may opt for utilising Amazon Lockers at 7-11 for extra assu more ...


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