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60 Daly Ave, Ottawa, ON K1N 6E5, Canada

Ottawa, ON K1N

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Lashanda 60 Daly Avenue - Canadiana Apartment Rentals

I had a one-year lease for this place beginning in June 2020 and ending in July 2021. Unfortunately, by the end of my stay, mice and cockroaches had become common in the building. The management was decent and pest control was called, but getting rid of these pests is no easy feat. Additionally, the kitchen was poorly constructed which led to them being present in the first place; there were an abundance of cracks and crevices under the sink with unfinished wood that made it extremely susceptible to pests. Furthermore, drafty windows made winters very cold as I had to purchase a window sealing kit just to feel warm since you could literally feel a strong breeze coming from them. Balconies were also filled with spider webs and dust; I didn't even have a screen door when I moved in which took three days for two grown men to "fix". The neighbourhood was not only noisy but downright dangerous at times; all of these factors far outweighed any positives such as cheap rent or having plenty of space so it is best if you can avoid this building altogether.


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